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Cotswolds Mystery of Chastleton

Cotswolds Mystery with Cotswolds Guided Tours

Cotswolds Guided Tours is committed to bringing you the quirky history & Cotswolds mysteries of not only the villages we visit on our Cotswolds Tours but throughout the Cotswolds region. So if you are planning a holiday or researching a Cotswold day trip then we hope you will enjoy all the Cotswold Mystery blog posts we have scheduled throughout the year. We will reveal the secrets of the Cotswolds & details you just can’t find in normal Cotswold guide books. We run tours throughout the North Cotswolds, and we are looking forward to taking you on a Cotswolds journey through this historic region.

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Cotswolds Mystery of Chastleton.

Chastleton is located 3 miles southeast of Moreton in Marsh. This modest village with thatched cottages, has an impressive Jacobean manor house, now owned by the National Trust. The house you see today was built by Walter Jones, a wealthy wool merchant from Witney. The secret of this manor house is actually regarding its original owner, regarding the property that was on the site before the current house was built. Robert Catesby was notable because of his links with the Gunpowder plot. You will spot the Dovecote located opposite the manor house & if you visit in the spring you can walk across the fields to see this unusual building passing by little lambs.

An interesting mystery linked to Chastleton is to do with a gentleman called Arthur Jones, who during the time of the English Civil War, just after the Battle of Worcester was hidden from Roundhead troops in a secret room, now known as the ‘Cavalier’ room. His wife Sarah ingeniously spiked the wine she was expected to offer the Roundhead’s. The troops fell asleep & Arthur made good his escape.

Chastleton can be approached by foot, most likely using the Macmillan Way although most guests will arrive by car. The nearby Church dates from 12th century, although it was considerable enlarged 200 years later. During the summer months at weekends, the locals will sell teas & coffees in the churchyard along with homemade cakes.

If you would love to take a tour with a local company then Cotswolds Guided Tours is the best choice, we keep our groups small, just 7 guests, so this is ideal for solo travellers, couples & small groups. We are also extremely well priced £45 per person, this means you can travel around the Cotswolds at an affordable price. We have two Cotswolds tours to choose from our Famous Cotswolds Tour & our Cotswold Highlights Tour.

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