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First Lambs of Spring Cotswolds

Whilst on a tour last week, our guests and I were thrilled to see two gorgeous lambs which had been born moments earlier. A truly amazing countryside scene, fabulous the help illustrate the remote locations we visit and the abundance of wildlife and nature on our doorstep here. What was so wonderful is that some of the guests had been on a day trip to the Cotswolds from London and what a contrast to witness such a lovely scene. Within moments the lambs were suckling and shivering in the cold wind and I was astounded that we had lambs so early at this time of year, wishing them all the luck to survive the wintery weather, their mother seemed most proud and I don't blame her, her babies were gorgeous! Not wanting to disturb them in their very first moments, as the bonding process is so important, here is a photo from last year with a lamb a couple of months old : )

Cotswolds Sheep

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