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Happy Easter from the Cotswolds!

Well, it is going to be a very different Easter than ones we have been used too! Although we do have a small supply of chocolate to enjoy & the weather is divine so we will be enjoying our little Cotswolds cottage garden.

Here is a picture perfect ‘Chocolate Box’ Cottage! Did you know that this phrase was derived in the mid-20th Century, from the picturesque scenes printed on boxes of Cadbury’s chocolates throughout the 1950’s & 60’s.


During this period the confectionary company included scenes from their ‘model Village’ of Bourneville on their packaging. Built in the late Victorian period by George Cadbury, Bourneville’s high-end houses were built to house the low income workers at the nearby Cadbury’s factory, letting the homes out for a low rent.


When these scenic images started appearing on Cadbury’s packaging, the term ‘Chocolate Box’ Cottage was coined!


Chocolate Box Cottages are quirky, charming & idyllic! Although this cottage isn’t in Bourneville we thought this was the perfect Chocolate Box Cottage to share with you this Easter!

The Cotswolds is looking picture perfect this spring & we wanted to share some lovely chocolate box cottages with you. We are posting beautiful photos everyday through our social media pages Facebook & Instagram you will find us listed @CotswoldsGuided join us for a virtual tour around the Cotswolds.

In the mean time, where ever you are we wanted to wish you a Happy Easter & wanted to take the chance to say, Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy! Sending you love & positive thoughts from the Cotswolds.

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