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Love Love Love - Cotswolds Guided Tours

Loving Cotswolds Guided Tours

Lucy & Richard Lambert from Cotswolds Guided Tours set up their local tour company in March 2017. They will be celebrating their first year anniversary this coming March on the date they ran their first ever tour (25th).

As you can imagine there are lots of guided tour companies in the Cotswolds but surely if you are visiting, you want to be shown round by people who have a real passion for the area they live in?

Over the coming year we are going to share with you all the things Cotswolds Guided Tours LOVE's about the local area, the places, pubs, restaurants, walks, buildings, its people and history.

We have our special 'L.O.V.E letters' and will using them in and around this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In this way Lucy & Richard hope to show you, not only why you should visit the Cotswolds as part of your holiday, but why you should choose Cotswolds Guided Tours over any other tour company!

We want to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day and from March Cotswolds Guided Tours will be sharing their LOVE for this wonderful region. - Take a tour of the Cotswolds for £45 per person

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