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Cotswolds Small Group Tour

Cotswolds Guided Tours are special, we offer fun & informative small group tours at an amazing price. Based in the Cotswolds, Lucy & Richard wanted to create a company where customer service is a top priority! We have designed fabulous tours, that ensure you will have a perfect day exploring.

Cotswolds small group tour | cotswolds guided tours

Small Group Tour of Cotswolds:

Yes & we mean a small group, forget large tour coaches holding 84 people, forget the mini coaches holding 24 people, & forget the 16 seater minibuses. Why visit a small village & then once all the guests have got off it feels overcrowded? Our Cotswolds small group tour takes a maximum of 7 guests, yes! Just 7 guests.

We have kept the group size small, here are our top tow reasons:

1. We can provide unrivalled service to our guests, in our small group tour our guests can ask questions as we travel, meaning a greater experience.

2. Guests can visit locations other tour buses can't......Did you know that some villages in the Cotswolds, have a restriction on bus sizes? For example Lower & Upper Slaughter will not allow vehicles larger than our minibus. This is to help preserve the character of these beautiful must see locations.

Local Cotswolds Company:

We are a local company, which means we live in the Cotswolds (& we love it!). We know all the best locations to visit, the best times to reach those locations & the best backroads to take. We are also on hand to recommend the best places to eat or the best tearooms to enjoy a cream tea!

We also love history & unusual facts, so there is never a dull moment on tour. Also if you have a specific interest then just ask.....remember as we are a small group tour then we can accommodate your quirky questions!

We Care about the Cotswolds!

We love the area we live in & love supporting other companies & small businesses. We understand the importance of village life & by taking a small group tour with us, then we have designed our tours to be as least impactive as possible.

For example, we donate to local churches, cricket clubs, village halls as a thank you to the communities we visit. This means then when booking a tour with us in a way, you are contributing too! We also give our guests free time to explore, some other tour companies will lead you around locations, day in day out this is impactive for villages & communities. Imagine you live in a cute cottage & your guide always takes their group to the same cottage, everyday at the same time to take photos of their group, how would you feel? Whereas Cotswolds Guided Tours guests have free time to explore!

Free Time to Explore:

Free time to explore on our Cotswolds small group tour, this is such a boost. If you are comparing different tour companies, then one thing you will notice is that many companies do not allow their guests to have free time to explore. Imagine travelling all the way to the Cotswolds & then missing out on what interests you the most because your guide fails to give to time to wander. Maybe you want to visit the shops, relax on a bench & watch the world go by, enjoy a tearooms or local Cotswolds pub, or even pop into the village church. Our tours give you the freedom to enjoy each location & fill the day with what interests you the most!

We guarantee there is no 'herding' guests around on our Cotswolds small group tours!

If you are planning to book a Cotswolds small group tour then you will have a wonderful time with us Cotswolds Guided Tours! Be one of our 7 special guests & enjoy your day out exploring this beautiful part of the world.

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