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Cotswolds Mystery of Stanton

Cotswolds Mystery Tour | Cotswolds Guided Tours | Stanton

Today on our Cotswold mystery post we are going to be taking you on a Cotswolds journey to the remote North Cotswolds village of Stanton. Loved by many who are using the National Walking trail of the Cotswolds Way, many walkers enjoy a stop at the Mount Inn, owned by the Donnington Ales Group, a local brewery located just outside of Stow on the Wold. Stanton is located 3 miles South West of the market town of Broadway. The village of Stanton that we do visit on our Cotswold Highlights Tour was lovingly restored by its former owner Sir Philip Stott, in the first part of the 20th century. Almost every building in Stanton is a delight to the eye, it is said to be one of the best-preserved villages in the Cotswolds. The village has links to one of the Methodist founding fathers, John Wesley, who on occasions had preached in the local Church, St. Michael & All Angels in the years before his departure to America in 1735.

Cotswold Mystery of Stanton

As promised we like to bring you the quirky history & folklore of the villages within the Cotswolds. Although the building in Stanton date back between 1550-1650, there are few stories connected to the village. One story however that always makes me smile is the description of a Fish & Chip delivery van that turned up (unannounced) in the village in the 1930’s, it was said that villagers were not used to strangers at that time, along with the fact England was in the build up to WW11. So the next part of the story may or may not surprise you…. When the Fish & Chip van stopped in the village it was greeted by a local village who took out his shotgun & peppered it! As you can imagine the driver did not stick around for long & jumped back in his van making a quick getaway! The village & its residents in present times are far more welcoming.

Cotswolds Mystery Tours | Cotswolds Guided Tours

The next Cotswold Mystery is linked to just outside the village & the road that passes by. This rather unusual story is connected to a point in the road where it is believed a Civil War skirmish took place in 1644. Two young travellers where driving on the road between Stratford Upon Avon & Stanton. When the passenger suddenly felt ill, she had the feeling as though water was rising up her legs, giving her the feeling of drowning. The driver stopped the car & he also felt a sense of panic. It was claimed that at the point the car stopped a white bird crashed into the window screen covering the glass with blood & feathers. There have been no other reports of unusual activity in the area or any other links to this particular point in the road.

We are quite pleased to say that as we are travelling around the region on our North Cotswolds Tour we have not encountered this phenomena for ourselves & nor have any of our guests – luckily!

Remember if you would like to take a Cotswolds Journey with us, Cotswolds Guided Tours runs daytrip throughout the Cotwolds all year round. Lucy & Richard would love to meet you & show you around on a Cotswolds.

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