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Cotswold Mystery of Adlestrop

Cotswolds Mystery with Cotswolds Guided Tours

Cotswolds Guided Tours is committed to bringing you the quirky history & Cotswolds mysteries of not only the villages we visit on our Cotswolds Tours but throughout the Cotswolds region. So if you are planning a holiday or researching a Cotswold day trip then we hope you will enjoy all the Cotswold Mystery blog posts we have scheduled throughout the year. We will reveal the secrets of the Cotswolds & details you just can’t find in normal Cotswold guide books. Adlestrop is located 3 miles East of Stow on the Wold, you can see the church tower of St. Edwards Church in Stow on the Wold from the village of Adlestrop.

Cotswolds Mystery of Adlestrop

Cotswolds Mystery Tour | Cotswolds Guided Tours | Secret Cottage

During this post we are going to share with you the mystery of the Cotswolds ghost connected to Adlestrop Park. Which is a lovely Cotswolds mansion, noted for its ornate South-West front, and it is from this point in the house that the ghostly activity originates. In one of the rooms a pair of footprints were seen on the floor beside a desk, no amount of cleaning would remove

Cotswolds Mystery Tour | Cotswolds Guided Tours

them & they stayed for almost a month. The house is not open to the public & this bizarre activity has been noted on numerous occasions, there seems to be no pattern to the events & just as they arrive quite unexpectedly, they disappear for no apparent reason.

Adlestrop is more well known for its literary connections. The village is extremely proud of a poem written by Edward Thomas in the early part of the 20th Century. Up until the 1960’s a railway station was located just outside the village, no evidence of the station remains, but Thomas’s steam train made an unscheduled stop in the village & he noted down his experience. Part’s of the poem are still fitting today & when the railway station was demolished the station sign & bench were moved to the village bus shelter, on the bench a plaque bares the poem, so it is well worth taking a moment to relax on the bench, soak up the atmosphere of this peaceful village.

Cotswolds Guided Tours brings you the Cotswold mystery & quirky history of this area of outstanding natural beauty throughout their North Cotswolds Tours, so if you love the Cotswolds then why not spend the day with us. Lucy & Richard run 6 hour Cotswold tours & aim to share with you the secret cottages, village history & show you around the best locations that only the locals know about.

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