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Magical Cotswolds Tour - Fantastic !

This week we ran our first Magical Cotswolds tour, and boy what a wonderful day! The sun was shining, the guests were fabulous and the day was enjoyed by everyone! We started of visiting a selection of beautiful villages, stopped and explored a stone circle. The guests really enjoyed trying out 'dowsing', stone circles are ideal for beginners and everyone felt and saw there dowsing rods picking up the ley lines! We moved on to the thatched village of Great Tew, where guests explored the secret cottages hidden in the valley and then moved onto Hook Norton Brewery. We saw the shire horses heading out on their rounds to deliver the barrells of beer to the local pubs. Then we went on to our mystery location which wowed our guests! All in all a wonderful and unique day out exploring the hidden gems of the Cotswolds. We are only running this tour on selected dates throughout the year so please book early with Cotswolds Guided Tours

Magical Cotswolds Tour | Cotswolds Guided Tours

to avoid disappointment ! Priced at £45 per person, we take a maximum of 7 guests per tour.

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