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Mysterious Cotswolds & Ghostly Stories

The beautiful village of Bibury, which we visit during our Famous Cotswolds Tour has the iconic row of cottages and the impressive Arlington Mill. As the story goes a wealthy mill owner who had four grown up sons lived in the mill. The wife having died, the mill owner looked for a replacement within the village and found a local girl by the name of Mary. Mary was concerned about the age difference, but her parents believed it to be a good match and the marriage took place. It didn’t take long for Mary to fall in love with the oldest son of her new husband and one cold January night. Mary & the eldest son were caught by the mill owner in an awkward situation. A fight took place and the oldest son was thrown into the mill pond and drowned. The mill owner was so angry with his young wife he locked her out on this cold winters evening. She was found the following morning frozen to death beside the river Colne which sedately runs through the village.

Chipping Norton is classed as one of the Gateways to the Cotswolds and has two ghostly spectres attached to it, one being the Chipping Norton Phantom Shooter, the other being the ghost of the Stow Fair Man. The first, our Phantom Shooter is said to stroll around the market square and likes to duck and dive behind trees and cars before raising his riffle, taking aim and firing at unsuspecting visitors and locals. The second spectre is only seen in May and October and only after dark. He walks the streets around the market square and likes to pick up objects and make them disappear only to reappear moments later. Nothing more is known about this spectre but they prove to be two of the more interesting ghost stories in the local area.

Cotswolds Guided Tours | Bibury

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