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Cotswolds Guided Tours Drystone Walls

Throughout your Cotswolds Guided Tour you won’t be able to miss another important Cotswolds feacture – the dry stone wall, we have 4,000 miles of dry stone walls throughout the Cotswolds. Intended to enclose livestock, along with marking boundaries the Cotswolds dry stone walls form an important habitat for Adders, Bats, Bees, Fieldmice, Grass snakes, and Blue tits. Varying in height and length it is not ususual to find items hidden within these walls, interesting finds to date varying between old coins, bottles, animal bones and the largest find to date – a bicycle! One estate near to Northleach, that we pass on the way to Bibury as part of the Famous Cotswolds tour is the boundary wall of the Stowell Estate which has 60-70miles of dry stone walls

Cotswolds Guided Tours | Snowshill

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