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Two Feet & Four Paws

Cotswolds Guided Tours

I have been incredibly busy this summer with the tour bookings but on my days off, Storm (my Border Collie) and I like to explore the many footpaths throughout the Cotswolds. So if you are visiting with your four legged friend (or even if your not), here is one walk I always enjoy.

Start in the Market Square of Stow on the Wold, and head North out of the Square past the Old Stocks and turn right into ‘Well Lane’. Walk down the hill and as the road bends around to the right you will see a left hand turn, signposted ‘The Wells’ there is a beautiful view of the Evenlode Valley from here

Cotswolds Guided Tours
Cotswolds Guided Tours

as you look towards fields and the quiet sleepy village of Adlestrop in the distance. Follow this road (which essentially is pedestrianised, as it only leads to one house) and you will reach ‘The Wells’ there are many benches along here so on a warm summer day you can sit in the shade of

Cotswolds Guided Tours

the trees and hear the gentle trickle of the water feeding the Wells.

Carry on up a gentle incline and you will reach the ‘Lodge House’, and you will be on ‘Monarch’s Way’ named after King Charles 1st who is believed to have used this route to evade capture as he travelled around the Cotswolds during the English Civil War (1642-1646)

It feels like a secretive path with its overhanging branches and hedgerow flowers, this path is believed to be haunted by and elderly woman in period dress (Victorian) who despite the weather is always seen carrying an open umbrella which catches on the overhanging branches. She is always witness from behind, and it is said that no one can overtake her as she walks along at a sedate pace. If asked ‘excuse me, could I just pass you by’ she will vanish instantly. But fear not, brave hearts I have taken this route on many occasions and never encountered this elderly umbrella carrying spectre!

Cotswolds Guided Tours

Once you reach the end of the path and having passed trees which must date back to King Charles 1st time you will reach a road which leads down to the village of Broadwell with its wide village green and wonderful local pub ‘The Fox’ part of the Donnington Ales Brewery you are guaranteed a warm welcome, wholesome food and locally brewed ales.

After fortifying yourself you can stroll back towards Stow, but don’t leave it too late in the evening as there is no street lighting here and Monarch’s Way & The Wells will be in complete darkness.

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