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Cotswolds Market Towns, Mayhem & Murders

Now, you may feel like you have done all your research about the Cotswolds before you visit. During our guided commentary you'll hear all about each location. We also like to add in interesting stories which we guarantee you will not find in the average guide book. Our guests say these extra tipbits help to give a greater understanding of the local area and make them really look beyond the picture perfect cottages and stunning scenery.

The Cotswolds has links to the infamous Gunpowder Plot, witchcraft murders, whispering knights and highwaymen. We have interesting

 local traditions in the region, like cheese rolling, football in the water and the Cotswold Olympicks.

Visitors come from far and wide to soak up the atmosphere and we are sure the stories will interest & delight our visitors.

If you want a tour that just takes you from A to B then that's absolutely fine you are more than welcome to hop aboard, if you want a tour 'with more' then you have come to the right place!

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