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Cotswold Stunning Scenery

Many people visit the Cotswolds as the countryside is quintessentially English. The undulating hills (Wolds) and the wooden valleys with beautiful villages nestled along quiet lanes. If you are looking for space away from the crowds and want unbeatable views then these three spots are definitely worth a visit.

Broadway Tower, I love to get her early in the morning, if you are lucky you will spot Red Deer grazing in the fields surrounding the Tower. Wander along the track and you will pass a memorial to the crew who were on a training mission flying a Whitley bomber which crashed into the hill in 1943. The path leads to the Tower and you will see far reaching views even from its base, and if you decide to climb to the top (for the small entrance fee of £5 per adult) the views are spectacular. On a clear day you can see for miles, this isn’t surprising as the Tower base sits at 1,024ft above sea level

Dover’s Hill, well this natural amphitheatre sits just above the historic market town of Chipping Campden. In 1612 the Cotswold Olympick Games were started by Robert Dover with approval of King James 1, wrestling, hare coursing, horse riding, dancing and shin kicking were all part of the fun. The site is now owned by the National Trust and as you walk across the field passed grazing sheep, often huddled together in the shade the wonderful views unfold. This is a great spot for a picnic!

My favourite view, (which actually made one of my visitors cry on a recent tour – in a good way!) is the view from the Kings Stone at Rollright. Many visitors stop to look at the stone circle (the Kings men) and walk along the path to the ‘Whispering Knights’ but if you cross the road and walk towards the Kings Stone on the rise you will see the wonderful Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Cotswolds countryside.

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