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Cotswolds Cottages, Hidden Villages & Gorgeous Scenery

The Cotswolds has it all, delicious cottages scattered across the wolds, in valleys and hidden villages. If you think of the Cotswolds, its the honey coloured stone cottages, so unique to this region that drums up the image of traditional English county life.

What I love most is if you find yourself in a village where there seems to be not another person in sight ( and believe me this can be done even in the height of summer! ) remove the cars, you could walk passed beautiful Cotswold homes and image that you have stepped back in time. Admittedly the gardens have pretty plants rather than vegetables and herbs but I often feel that if someone stepped outside of one of those cottages in period dress I wouldn't look twice as it would be so fitting.

So what is so special about our tours around the Cotswolds? Well ....we appreciate the mixture of properties, the manor houses in their stately splender, and the cosy workers cottages each has its own story to tell, through the myriad of years. We will ensure you see a fantastic mixture throughout the day of hidden villages, market towns, hamlets and of course stunning views aplenty! You will have a fabulous day, the region can't fail to delight visitors. What is so comforting about the Cotswolds?

It's people are ever changing but the landscapes and beautiful buildings stand as a testimont of time. If you visit us on one of our tours you'll see the magic of the Cotswolds as the day unfolds and marvel at each location as you have time to explore. 6 hour guided tours start from £45 per person and the day is filled with legends, folklore, history and facts and with only 7 guests per tour you are guaranteed a wonderful day out!

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