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In the Beginning ….We Started Cotswolds Guided Tours

Well folks, I have been thinking it is good for my potential visitors to know where this all began!

My love affair with the Cotswolds started when I was a child, and we used to come to the Cotswolds on family holidays. We stayed in many different places but as I grew older we would continually return to one particular cottage. Such a change from London! I had not experienced somewhere with no street lighting, the only traffic being horses or cows on the road when they were being moved from one field to the next, and the peace and quiet.

Almost 10 years ago we had the chance to buy the holiday cottage that I used to visit. Since then my parents have moved to the same village and my sister and her partner live just down the road in Moreton in Marsh. It has taken almost 6 years to drag our little cottage kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, every inch needed major TLC and not because we wanted to make it new, we love its character, but we wanted to make sure it was safe! So we no longer (fingers crossed) have to worry about hissing electrical sockets, damp or a leaking roof. We have lovingly restored our little slice of the countryside.

Throughout the turmoil of managing a major building project, which I am still not sure why people get the ‘bug’ for living in a building site! We would have our friends and family come down to visit, I loved showing everyone around and explaining the quirky history of the local area. The idea began to grow and with the house finished we were looking for a new challenge. It’s a great combination, I love the Cotswolds and not just for the beautiful buildings and wonderful views which have undoubtedly drawn visitors for generations but for the legends

and folklore that are seemingly unchanged by the passage of time. We have picture-postcard villages and dry stone walls aplenty but it is the people that make the Cotswolds such a unique place, the landscape and those who have made their mark on this stunning area.

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