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Curious Cotswolds

Have you ever stood outside a building and marvelled at the architecture and then paused a moment longer and thought I wonder who lives there? What was it like to live here 200 years ago (?) and what is it like now?

It is easy for a tour guide to tell you all the facts, but what brings a building, monument or historic site to life is digging a little deeper. Well I have a natural curiosity for the unusual, I am inquisitive and the more I learn the more I wish to find out.

This has proven very important in the past. If you have read my other blog post ‘In the Beginning’ then you will gather my affinity with the Cotswolds started at a young age. I had worked in London for a time as a Crime Scene Examiner, which may help to explain why I see history as a puzzle, I like to find the links and love to learn more.

It's an excellent attribute to being a tour guide, because I guarantee throughout your day spent with us you get all the history but sprinkled with strange facts, peculiar stories and unusual tales. The Cotswolds is undoubtedly spectacular; you can wander through the streets and walk along the many footpaths, but if you just scratch the surface there are many wonders to marvel at! As you would expect from a region that takes cheese rolling, shin-kicking and playing football in the water so seriously!

Millions of visitors flock to London and once you have ticked your way through your bucket list (The Globe Theatre, Madame Tussauds, Big Ben, The Eye, The Gherkin etc) why not take a day trip to visit us in the Cotswolds, it takes just over an hour and half to reach us by train from London Paddington and it is a direct route.

We take a maximum of seven guests on our brand new minibus, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure.

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