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Lucy & Richard from Cotswolds Guided Tours, just love sharing their local area with visitors. If you want to learn more about the Cotswolds then we hope you find this Cotswolds travel guide useful. Remember you can always join us for a day trip exploring, you have two options our private Cotswold tours or our small, mixed group sightseeing Cotswolds tours. We are open all year round, so book & be our special guests for a wonderful day trip.


A beautiful, untouched, high-wold village located 3 miles north of Northleach & to the west of Bourton on the Water. The village is spread thinly around the rough village green. The church dedicated to St Bartholomew & manor house are located to the southern edge of the village, with wonderful views over the undulating hills. The small stone spire rising from the mainly Norman church has a beautiful, crude crucifix dating back to 10th century. Step inside the church porch & you will find 14th century stone coffin, further within the building you can admire the modern stain glass, depicting the four seasons. Do not miss the two 13th century priest tombs & the medieval stain glass in the vestry of the Virgin & Child. One of the early Rectors (John of Windsor) stands out as he was imprisoned in the Tower of London for theft!

Don't miss the wooden carved cherubs, & as you step towards the altar the tapestry that you can see was made by two generations of the Anderson family, who lived at the manor. Both sexes were expected to take part in the needlepoint. It was started in 1936 & not finished until 1954, mainly due to being set aside during the war.

The manor has changed hands many times throughout history, originally owned by the Church, until the reformation, it then passed through a series of different families, including the Whittington's until it was later owned by two Oxford colleges (Christ Church, then Corpus) and run as a farm. In 1908, it was bought by Cyril Cunard (As in the Cruise line Family) who, with his wife, laid out the pre-1914 formal gardens around the Manor, then the Anderson family who created the tapestry. You will also see a memorial in the Church for Elizabeth Anderson, 1836-1917, she was the first female doctor to qualify in England. 

The Notgrove Estate is now a family farm of around 1500 acres, mainly farming sheep. The current owners of the estate, Harry and Diana Acland are passionate about conservation. Their conservation scheme promotes the natural habits for particular birds, including Skylarks, Corn Bunting, Grey Partridge & Lawping. Since they have been managing the estate, they have also seen an increase in hares & hedgehogs.

From safari tents to holiday cottages, the Notgrove Estate have a selection of accommodation options for those wishing to stay in or around this beautiful village. Walkers may also enjoy a stop at 'The Nuttery' where a delicious selection of cakes & coffees can be enjoyed.

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