Many guests enquiring about cancelling their forthcoming tour have mentioned they are postponing their trips until later in the year or they plan to visit in 2021 or into 2022. The below additional Terms & Conditions are relevant to guests who wish to cancel their tour(s) due to the coronavirus.(COVID-19).


We would like to help facilitate rescheduling your tour by offering guests the opportunity to change their tour date.

How would this work?

If you are planning on postponing / cancelling your holiday, or if the UK or your home country has travel bans introduced, please let us know as soon as possible. We will then send you a rescheduling voucher & code.

Remember the more notice you are able to provide the greater chance we have of being able to re-sell your seat(s) on the tour.

However, cancellations made within 72 hours of your tour date are non-refundable & non-transferable.

This offer is not intended to replace your travel insurance. 

What we will do:

  1. As soon as we have received your cancellation, we will send a confirmation email to you & we will re-advertise your seats for sale*. If we are able to re-sell your seat(s), we will provide you with a full or partial refund, depending on the number of seats we have resold (as per our existing terms & conditions) minus the administration fee.

  2. If multiple cancellations are received for the same date, the refunds will be issued in order of who made their cancellation first.

  3. If we are unable to re-sell your seat(s), due to a reduction in travel or government lock down, we will email a voucher which will include the guests name(s) & a code. Your tour must be booked & taken by the date shown on voucher.

  4. You do not need to provide the new date at the time you contact us, but purely ask that your tour tickets can be postponed.

  5. When you are ready to re-book, check our website for tour dates & availability & email through your voucher & we will book you onto the tour. (Subject to availability)

Rescheduling is subject to the following conditions:

  1. In order to re-book on a tour, we would ask that the voucher is sent back to us at the time you are ready to reschedule. At least 1 guest named on the voucher must be taking the rescheduled tour (ID may be required).

  2. If you do not re-book & take your tour by the date on your voucher then no refund will be provided.

  3. If you cancel your rescheduled seats then no refund will be provided. (Seats can only be rescheduled once.)

  4. We would advise booking your rescheduled seats as far in advance as possible. If there is no availability on your chosen rescheduled date, then no refund will be provided.

  5. We reserve the right to change the tour route for any future tours, i.e we are unable to promise the tour that we will be running will be the same tour route/visit the same locations/be the same format/have the same number of seats as the tour that you booked on in 2020.

  6. We reserve the right to increase or decrease future tour prices, however if there is any increase / decrease in tour ticket prices no refund for the difference or request for the increase will be applied.

  7. As this is an evolving situation, we reserve the right to update & amend the terms & conditions to reflect the current circumstances.

  8. Please note, vouchers can only be used when tours are running. If in the future, further lockdowns are in place or restrictions are introduced that prevent the tour from operating, then no refund will be provided. Legally we must insure it is safe to operate tours, for both our guests & guides depending on the situation/government guidelines at the time.

  9. Please see additional notes below on 'Accepting a Rescheduling Voucher'


Ready to Re-book?

Check the current tours being advertised on our website, if you are re-booking for 2021 & the tours for 2021 are not yet online, simply send an email to us with your preferred date.

If you are revisiting in 2020 then check the availability on our website & then contact us with your voucher & chosen date.

We will then book you onto your chosen tour (subject to availability & the terms & conditions above) & will send through your welcome email.


We are trying our best in very difficult circumstances, if there is an error on your voucher i.e incorrect number of seats, incorrect name, or incorrect number of tours then please let us know. You voucher is valid for a like for like reschedule, ie if you have booked 1 seat on one tour, that is what your voucher should reflect. When your reschedule is made it will be checked back against your original booking. Thank you for your patience.

Accepting a Rescheduling Voucher:

Customer service is our top priority, we are trying our best in very difficult circumstances & have received a positive response from 99.9% of our guests who have had to cancel their holiday. We do appreciate this is a very stressful time, not only for us as a small business but for guests who have had to cancel a long awaited trip to the Cotswolds. If you are unhappy with the service or resolution we have provided please reach out & contact us, we can't help unless we know there is a problem. We are here to help during these horrendous circumstances, so please just let us know if you have a problem or are unhappy. If you are in receipt of a voucher & then subsequently leave us a negative review on any website, or attempt to retain the voucher & then open a reverse charge on your credit card, your voucher will be automatically voided & no refund will be provided. We love our business, we have worked hard to create something that guests enjoy & of course we take our business personally, it is our livelihood. We feel we are approachable & fair & will always strive to put our guests & their needs first, (we are sorry that we even have to type this next section... ) but we will not tolerate blackmail, threats or rudeness & in these instances we hope you can appreciate that your voucher would be forfeited as we could not be expected to run a tour for guests who have acted in this way towards us.