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Cotswolds Secret Village Daylesford

Unlock the Secret of Daylesford & Near by Kingham.

Cotswolds Guided Tours is a local North Cotswolds tour company. Husband & wife team Lucy & Richard have designed 2 great days out, wanting to be the Best Cotswolds tour company in the area. Our plan is to offer you an executive tour experience at a fantastic price. We take a maximum of 7 guests on each 6 hour tour, at the amazing price of £45 per person.

Over the next year we will be posting you amazing stories, quirky history, Cotswold mystery tales & unlocking a secret or two along way.

Cotswolds Guided Tours - Daylesford

Cotswolds Guided Tours | Secret Cotswold Village | Kingham

Cotswolds Guided Tours | Daylesford Organic | Wild Rabbit | Kingham

Today we will be unlocking Daylesford, located 4 miles east of Stow on the Wold, you will find this small estate village at the gates of Daylesford House. There is a lovely romantic feel to this village, Warren Hastings born in nearby Churchill in 1787, had a controversial career as Governor of the East India Company Bengal & four years after retiring he was able to fulfil a lifelong ambition, to buy back his family estate at Daylesford. Not anticipating a seven-year-long trial in the House of Lords & the expense this would cause, Hastings set about building a fine mansion. The building was designed by Samuel Pepys Cockwerell, the architect to the East India Company, who also designed and built nearby Sezincote. Unlike Sezincote, Daylesford was built mainly in the classical style, with only one dome in the Muslim style. The house is surrounded by dense woodland. In present day Daylesford is better known for Daylesford Organic. Over forty years ago the Bamford family owned farm, which focus was on sustainable, organic farming (originally in Staffordshire then) in the Cotswolds. They have won many awards, with a passion for providing food from farm to fork. Daylesford has expanded in recent years with shops across London, a cookery school, boutique accommodation. In nearby Kingham the Wild Rabbit, a wonderful Cotswolds pub is now part of the Daylesford chain.

If you love the idea of taking a Cotswolds Guided Tours but would love to eat at the Wild Rabbit, then when we return you too Moreton in Marsh at the end of your north Cotswolds tour, you can jump on the train, one stop to Kingham & have an evening meal at pub before heading back to Oxford or London. That way you can take the best Cotswolds tour & add in a wonderful meal with food sourced from Daylesford farm. Remember our 6 hour tours are priced at £45 per person, this way you have plenty of money left over in the holiday budget for your evening meal. We run two different tours, so check out which tour is the best fit for you on our website.

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