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Cotswolds Mystery of Todenham

Cotswolds Mystery of Todenham

Cotswolds Guided Tours loves meeting guests from around the world & being part of their holiday. We have designed two north Cotswolds tours, both visiting completely different parts of the Cotswolds. So if you want to spend 6 hours exploring this beautiful region, then the best way to travel around would be on either our Famous Cotswolds Tour or our Cotswold Highlights Tour, or you could take both & see a huge amount during your visit. The Famous Cotswolds tour will take you on a journey through the Gloucestershire & Oxfordshire Cotswolds, or the Cotswolds Highlights Tour will show you remote hillside villages in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, along with a stop in the Worcestershire Cotswolds. There is no overlap our duplication in the villages that we visit so book a tour with us, we only take 7 guests each day, priced at £45 per person ideal for solo travellers, couple & small groups.

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Today our blog post will be sharing with you a Cotswolds Mystery from Todenham

Cotswolds Mystery of Todenham

Todenham is located 3 miles northeast of Moreton in Marsh. This is an attractive & unspoilt village, with a handsome late-Georgian Manor House, and church which mainly dates back to 14th century. This village also has a pub named the Farrier Arms, which in years gone by was thought to have two different spirits attached to it. The first are the spirits of two little white dogs, often seen climbing the stairs only to disappear halfway up the staircase. The second is a spectre of a monk, that took to standing at the foot of the bed in a particular room. This account has been seen by different people with matching descriptions of the monk’s appearance.

There are so many villages in the Cotswolds, and no way that we can show guests every location. We have found that many guests visit the region that is steeped in history. There are many folklore stories connected to the Cotswolds. During our tours we tend to focus on the documented history & quirky facts of the specific villages & market towns that we have visited. However we have had guests how love the ‘alternative stories’ the local folklore & the paranormal. So we have decided to share these stories with you in our Cotswold Mystery posts, we would love to meet you & show you around on our Cotswolds Guided Tours.

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