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Cotswolds Day Trip from Cheltenham

Take a Cotswolds Journey from Cheltenham

Perhaps you are planning your holiday & have decided to stay in Cheltenham. Originally a Spa Town it was won on a game of cards, over gentleman trying to decide where the town would be, either in Cheltenham or Prestbury. Cheltenham is located on the very edge of the Severn Plain. George III made the town famous when he visited for five weeks in 1788 to ‘take the waters’. It has some of the finest Regency buildings in the country, these are grouped along terraces, crescents, gardens & parks. There is an annual Festival of Music, also a Festival or Literature & of course the Cheltenham Gold Cup which is held on the fine racecourse to the north of the town. It is also the home of the Cheltenham Ladies College. If you see girls dressed in green, walking in pairs or threes along the streets then you can be sure they are being educated at this, the most elitist of colleges. Just outside Cheltenham is Cleeve Hill, the highest point in the Cotswolds at 1,083ft, if you climb to the top you will be afforded the finest views of the Welsh Mountains, The Malvern Hills. Once you have explored the shops you may want to step out into the countryside. You can reach our pick up point in the north Cotswolds, by catching a bus from Cheltenham.

Cotswolds Guided Tours | Cotswolds Journey | Cotswolds Day Trip from Cheltenham

Here is how to reach Cotswolds Guided Tours for your day trip around the Cotswolds. You can take the 801 bus Monday to Friday to Moreton in Marsh from Cheltenham.

If you are staying in Cheltenham then you can check which is the nearest bus stop, either from Royal Wells bus station or outside Cheltenham General Hospital. You will need to catch the 7.40am bus, which will get you to Moreton in Marsh Railway Station just after 9am, this way you will have time to explore the high street, have a coffee or even breakfast. Then we will meet you at Moreton in Marsh railway station at 10am to start your Cotswolds Guided Tours. Then for your return to Cheltenham you can catch the 4.30pm bus back to Cheltenham. This bus service is provided by Pulhams, so you can always keep up to date with the bus timetable online.

We can’t wait to be part of your holiday to Cheltenham, we can’t wait to take you on a Cotswolds journey through this beautiful & historic region.

Book your day trip with Cotswolds Guided Tours, £45 per person, maximum of 7 guests, our tours are ideal for solo travellers, couples & small groups. If you are wondering whether or not to choose our company then check out our Best Cotswolds Tour posts to find out why we are the perfect choice for you. If you want to go to the Cotswolds then take your Cotswolds day trip with us.

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