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Cotswolds & Confetti

Cotswolds Guided Tours

Well for years Mum & I have wanted to visit the Confetti fields, they are only open for 10 days a year, and we always seemed to have missed them. However, this year, Richard took our lovely guests out on tour and Mum & I made it.....

Wow, what a feast for the eyes! A huge expanse of delphimiums & cornflowers ranging in colour from cool blues, to purples, whites to red and it seemed all colours in between.

We couldn't help but spend a few hours wandering through these fields of blooms, plus taking some time to take a few photos to show off our tour guide t-shirts, with this wonderful backdrop!

Cotswolds Guided Tours

After wishing our garden was this big and thinking of planting up our fields of colour, we headed to the little tent, where a handful of ladies where creating beautiful bunches of flowers for visitors to take home. The intention being that you can create your own confetti, so I have found the biggest vase and each morning scoop up the petals which have dropped and put them in an organzer bag to dry out..........we just need a wedding to go too! One gent was driving around the fields trying to cut the blooms to keep up with the demand, and I managed to snap his landrover defender (reckon this will be best photo of this iconic vehicle this week.)

Cotswolds Guided Tours

Cotswolds Guided Tours

Although essentially the Confetti fields are just outside of the Cotswolds (5 miles from Broadway), I wanted to share these lovely fields with you all!

If you want to visit the English Countryside then do book a tour with us, we can't wait to show you what the Cotswolds has to offer!

Cotswolds Guided Tours

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