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Cotswold Summer Fete’s

Such a wonderful English pastime! With Fete Fever starting and the wonderful weather we have been having this is a great way to spend a Saturday in the Cotswolds. With homemade cakes aplenty, dog shows with prizes for classes such as the ‘waggiest tail’ locals and villages set themselves down in the sunshine on bales of hay and enjoy the often chaotic show unfold.

There are always plenty of refreshments on offer, cream tea in the village hall, or Pimms on the village green (which depending on who serves you can be very potent indeed!) The fierce queues at the Bric-a-Brac stalls, duck racing and if you’re lucky then you can enter the ‘viewing tent’ of the ‘best flower arrangement’ ‘best Victoria Sponge’ ‘best scarecrow’ ‘largest marrow’ etc and whilst ‘people watching’ you will observe the anticipation of the locals (and sometimes the rivalry) as the prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd are handed out! So try your hand at the tombola or if you have a good aim the coconut shy and spend an afternoon lazily walking from one stall to the next. Be warned…. some villages have ‘cow pat’ throwing competitions to if you see what looks like a brown frisbee being thrown in your direction duck out of the way and find a quiet spot to soak up the Cotswold village atmosphere! Just remember all our tours are easily accessible from London Paddington (just over 1 hour 30 mins) and Oxford is just over 40 minutes away, visit us and explore the beautiful Cotswolds countryside on a fabulous day trip

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