Cotswolds Guided Tours

Is this tour right for me?

Lucy & Richard Lambert, set up their tour company, Cotswolds Guided Tours so they could meet people from all around the world & share with them their love of the Cotswolds.

With lots of tour companies, all offering different things then we want to ensure our tours are right for those who book. Sometimes it might be that a huge bus tour would be better for guests or even a private tour. We feel we have designed three fabulous tours at an affordable price, but since Lucy & Richard set up there company two years ago they have had questions / situations arise which they thought could be answered on this page. We hope below will help explain what you can expect from the tour, but if you have a specific question please just ask.

Small Group Cotswolds Tour from Moreton


And we mean a small group!

We take a maximum of 7 guests out in the minibus each day. This means you will have time to interact & get to know your fellow travellers. We keep our group size small to ensure you receive a personal service. This also reduces the impact on the locations we visit.

Our smaller bus means we can take you to villages that larger buses are not allowed to access.

Cotswolds Guided tours live commentary


We are the only local Cotswolds tour company that provides a live commentary over a microphone. This means that wherever you are sat on the minibus you can hear all the quirky facts as we drive to each location. This is a huge bonus, because when we stop, you can maximise your time exploring.

All our tours are provided in English, unfortunately we do not employ guides who speak any other language.

Cotswolds Guided tours All year round


Hmmm, many people do not choose to visit the UK for its weather! Being based in the Cotswolds, like most of England the weather can be unpredicatable. We run tours rain or shine, so please make sure you check the weather before you travel as we have 6 locations to visit on each tour & will be getting out at each stop even in the rain. We do have umbrellas available for every guest to use, but we would always recommend bringing a rain coat with you or a jumper so you can stay warm whilst exploring.

cotswolds guided tours from moreton in m


Some guests have concerns over motion sickness. Now an important point to note is that we can not guarantee a front seat all day....We have never had anyone who has been sick on the tour. We have lots on windows on the minibus, all the seats face forwards, we have plenty of stops where you can get out & the journey time between each location is just a short journey (between 10 -20 mins) If you suffer from motion sickness we would recommend taking 'over the counter' medication to elevate your symptons.

Cotswolds Guided Tours £45 Per Person


Our 7 seater minibuses are laid out as follows, 3 seats in the back row, 3 seats in the middle row & 1 seat up front, plus the drivers seat.

We rotate the seats all day, so no one gets 'stuck' in a particular position. There is an expectation that by booking the tour, you are happy to rotate seats. Everyone has paid the same price & everyone will get a chance to seat in the front seat, which of course has the best view...We have plenty of windows on the minibus so everyone can see whilst we drive to each location.

Cotswolds Guided tours Explore.jpg


We cover all the quirky history & interesting facts as we drive to each location. When we stop guests are given a map & information sheet on all the highlights at each location. You will then have free time to explore, meaning you can fill each stop with what interests you the most. If you are hoping for a tour where the guide walks you around at a stampeding march carrying a flag or umbrella in the air so you don't lose them.....then our tours are not for you! We believe in giving you the freedom to enjoy each location & we also feel this is less impactive on the villages we visit.

cotswolds guided tours day trip


We want to ensure everyone has a great day out exploring the Cotswolds on tour with us.


Over the last two years we have had children on tour who vary in ages. Some children are super well behaved & love exploring the Cotswolds. Others can be irritable & tired.. Please don't take this the wrong way, we love kids, however....... we would say that our tours are not really suitable for children under the age of 7 years.


As we provide live commentary on the minibus, covering the local history & quirky facts, whilst we drive between locations, we find that some children in an enclosed space can become restless, which can spoil the tour for others travelling. Not all children have the same interests, so do contact us if you think this tour is right for you & your family.


If you feel our tour is right for you & your family, we would LOVE to show you around!

luggage storage.jpg


We are pleased to be able to offer luggage storage on the minibus to our guests.

We have a good sized boot / trunk & can easily accommodate 7 x medium suitcases (65 x 45cm) if however you are travelling with a HUGE case or multiple suitcases per person, please let us know in advance.

Time Keeping:

It is the guests responsibility to arrive at the collection points in time. If you have booked a collection & are not at the designated spot then your guide may have to leave without you to continue the tour. We have designed a well structured day to maximise your free time exploring. Guests returning late to the minibus can impact the tour for others. If the minibus has had to leave without you, we will be unable to return for you or provide a refund.

cotswolds guided tours mobility.jpg


We have guests visiting who vary in age & fitness. All our tours involve an element of walking. We pride ourselves on keeping travelling time inside the minibus to a minimum, so guests can have the maximum time in each location. During your free time to explore, you can walk as far or as little as you wish, however there are stops on the tour where you are required to walk through a village from point A to point B in a set amount of time. There are also locations where the ground can be slippery or uneven, if the idea of these points causes a concern please contact us. It is also worth considering that there is a step up into the minibus (45cm from the ground) please ensure you are physically able to get into the minibus unassisted. During each tour you can expect to climb into or out of the minibus 12 times. If you have recently had an operation (spinal / knee or hip replacement etc) please ensure you are happy / able to travel comfortably with us. Guests are unable to stay on the minibus at locations. We want to make our tours as accessible as possible, so do contact us, before booking to see if we can help.