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cotswolds travel guide Broad Campden, Chipping Campden

Lucy & Richard from Cotswolds Guided Tours, just love sharing their local area with visitors. If you want to learn more about the Cotswolds then we hope you find this Cotswolds travel guide useful. Remember you can always join us for a day trip exploring, you have two options our private Cotswold tours or our small, mixed group sightseeing Cotswolds tours. We are open all year round, so book & be our special guests for a wonderful day trip.


Quieter & much smaller than the nearby Chipping Campden. Broad Campden is location 1 mile South from it's larger neighbour. Tucked away in a tiny valley surrounded by woodland, this beautiful village hosts a village pub 'The Bakers Arms', which is traditional with a capital 'T' boasts toasty fires in winter, & tasty pub grub. A collection of tiny Cotswolds cottage , a Friends Meeting House & a small Victorian Chapel. In 1905 Charles Ashbee a disciple of William Morris, moved his 'Guild & School of Handicraft' from London to nearby Chipping Campden, however he was so enamoured with Broad Campden that he purchased  a derelict Norman Chapel in Broad Campden & converted it into a dwelling.

The village has a fine collection of houses & many thatched cottages, perfect for an afternoon stroll & easy accessible via footpaths from Chipping Campden. As you explore the village, note the surrounding fields. You will see signs of medieval farming, the 'ridge & furrows' look particularly striking when the sun is lower, casting shadows across the fields. This ridge & furrow effect was created during the medieval period, when villages would own one strip of land in a large field that they could farm. Teams of oxen would farm these strips creating the indented furrows. This style of farming died out by the 18th Century, when fields became enclosed by the hedgerows, creating smaller, more compact fields to farm. The ridge & furrow fields are common throughout England, however you would be hard pushed to find a more picturesque setting to admire them.

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